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The Marine Mammal Center: How It All BeganThe Marine Mammal Center:
How It All Began

Lloyd Smalley, Paul Maxwell and Patricia Arrigoni were the three founders of The Marine Mammal Center in 1973, 1974 and 1975. Some thirty-five years later, in 2009, when the Center dedicated a new thirty-three million dollar facility, all three founders were asked to speak to the large group who had come to celebrate the opening. In preparation for this, Arrigoni started searching through old archival papers and decided to put together a scrapbook. This project morphed into a book of three hundred pages, plus one hundred and eighty images including photographs and documents, and a complete index.

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Whistles, Smoke and Steam
Text and Photographs by Pete and Pat Arrigoni

WHISTLES, SMOKE & STEAM gives entertaining accounts of Pete and Pat Arrigonis’ train adventures around the world, trips their readers can duplicate. These railroad trips include riding on narrow, standard and broad gauge tracks pulled by both diesel and steam locomotives. All the trains in this book are still running and welcome passengers to ride them. Part One of the book describes "Trains Offering Public Transportation" in both foreign travel and the United States. Part Two includes "Train Excursions and Tourist Rides, plus Oslo, Norway’s Airport Express; Bergen, Norway Floibanen Funicular Railway; and San Francisco’s Cable Cars."

Each of the thirty-three chapters includes web and Email addresses so the reader can duplicate the same trips.

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Making the Most of Marin
A California Guide, Third Edition
by Patricia Arrigoni
Photography by Patricia Arrigoni

An insider's guide to beaches, seaside villages, redwood forests and Marin's spectacular mountain as well as little-known spots even residents may have missed: the earthquake trail, China Camp Sate Park, old forts and the Marin Headlands, historic Victorian homes and unique shops. The guide presents an insiders knowledge of everything you might ever need to know about the most stunning county on the California coast....

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Five star Amazon Rating!

Harpo, The Baby Harp Seal, a fiction book for children ages 7-10, describes the first days of life of a baby harp seal born on the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada. Harpo, with his soft white fur, black whiskers and large inquiring eyes, learns quickly to survive in his wonder world of ice and snow.

This tender, spellbinding story of mother and baby love is brilliantly illustrated with color photographs, including underwater seal shots. "What Is a Harp Seal" at the end of the book gives children detailed factual information about harp seals such as where they are born, their growth rate, and migratory patterns....

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Making the Most of Marin
A California Guide, Second Edition
by Patricia Arrigoni
Photography by Patricia Arrigoni

A best selling guide to the most stunning county on the California Coast, this edition was published in 1990 by Travel Publishers International.  Another best seller, the book went through three printings, sold out, and is no longer in print.

Making the Most of Marin
A California Guide, First Edition
by Patricia Arrigoni

This first edition was published in 1981 by Presidio Press of Novato, CA.  The book was an immediate best seller and was the beginning of a series of local Bay Area guidebooks published by Presidio Press.  It is no longer in print.

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