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Patricia Arrigoni, a travel writer for over twenty years, has written over 500 articles on destinations around the world. The following are some examples.

8mm Memories of the Mother Road    Route 66 Magazine
Kartchner Caverns Geologic Wonder    Copley News Service; The Daily Breeze
Alaska: Brown Bears Attract Visitors To Kodiak Island, Alaska     Pacific Edge Magazine
Alaska: Brown Bears Prominent On Kodiak & Afognak Islands, Alaska    Copley News Service; Pacific Edge Magazine
Arizona: Start the Season With Arizona's Cactus League Baseball    Creators Syndicate
Arizona: The Attic-Hogan - Prescott’s “Hidden” Trading Post   Copley News Service
Arizona: Birding 101 in Southeast Arizona    Creators Syndicate
Arizona: For Fun, Beauty and History, Take a Ride on the Grand Canyon Railway    Creators Syndicate
Arizona: Grand Canyon Railway   Whistles, Smoke & Steam
Arizona: Indian Pueblos Grew From Huts   Gannett News Service; Press-Gazette, Green Bay, WI
Arizona: Legends Of Ghosts, Miners And Gunfights    Creators Syndicate
Arizona: Verde Canyon Railroad   Whistles, Smoke & Steam
California: A Ride Through History at the Western Railway Museum   Creators Syndicate
California: The Godfather Moves to Geyserville   Creators Syndicate
California: Day-tripping to the Marin Headlands the Marine Mammal Center   Creators Syndicate
California: New De Young Opening In San Francisco    Art & Antiques
California: A New Disney Family Museum Premieres   Creators Syndicate
California: Searching for Sir Francis    Marin Independent Journal, Novato, CA
California: Up, Up and Away by the Bay - In Marin it's a birder's bonanza    Marin Independent Journal, Novato, CA
California: A Walk Along the San Francisco Waterfront   Creators Syndicate
Chicago: Once A Stopover, Now An Exciting Midwest Destination   News Pointer, Scope Newspapers, Sausalito, CA
Hawaii: Experience the Old West in Hawaii   Creators Syndicate
Hawaii: Kilauea's Blazing Eruptions Light Up the Big Island   Creators Syndicate
Hawaii: Kilauea's Stargazing From Hawaii's Sacred Mountain   Creators Syndicate
Illinois: A Town That Time Forgot    Marin Independent Journal, Novato, CA
Montana: Glacier National Park Remains An Unspoiled Wilderness    Gannett News Service; Daily Item, Port Chester, NY
New Mexico: Georgia O'Keeffe Country Gives Clues to Her Art   Creators Syndicate

Australia: A Feeling Of Peace, Orderliness in Sydney   Gannett News Service; Daily News, Tarrytown, NY
Botswana: Photo Safari    Marin Independent Journal, Novato, CA
Canada: High tide, eh?    Marin Independent Journal, Novato, CA
Caribbean: Sail Away (Windjammer Cruise)   Marin Independent Journal, Novato, CA
China: Ming Tombs Echo With Imperial Intrigue   Gannett Westchester Newspapers
China: Window On Taipei    Far East Traveler
Costa Rica: A Sailing Adventure In Central America   Copley News Service
Cyprus: Ancient Civilizations Leave Their Legacies on Strategically Located Cyprus    International Travel News
England: London to Paris - Heathrow Airport To Gard du Nord   Whistles, Smoke & Steam
France: Roots of the Roman Empire Visible in France    Gannett News Service; Daily Times, Mamaroneck, NY
French Polynesia: On the Trail of Paul Gauguin    International Travel News; Pacific Edge Magazine
Germany: Good Times Keep Rolling In West German Valley   Gannett News Service; Reporter Dispatch, White Plains, NY
Germany: Waters Continue To Flow In Elegant Baden Baden    Gannett News Service; News-Star-World, Monroe, LA
Hungary: Settings and spas share billing in picture-perfect Budapest    International Travel News
Ireland: Visiting Cork on the Southwest Coast of Ireland    International Travel News
Italy: Chauffeur-driven Rides Through Italy   Creators Syndicate
Italy: Cruising The Riviera Di Levante   Copley News Service
Italy: An Interview With Cecilia Todeschini Of Rome, Italy   Paramus Post; Copley News Service
Italy: It Takes a Villa    Marin Independent Journal, Novato, CA
Italy: Papel Garden (Vatican City) Open For Escorted Tours    Gannett News Service, Record, Stockton, CA
Japan: An Entertaining Night in Tokyo   Gannett News Service
Jordan: A Treasury of Antiquities   International Travel News
Korea: Korean Cities Now Tourist Destinations   Ross Valley Reporter, Marin County, CA.
Korea: Romance in Cheju-do, Korea   Asia Pacific Travel
Marquesas: Islanders Put Marquesas on Map of Art Collectors   Copley News Service, Washington Times
Marquesas: The Art Of The Marquesas Islands    Copley News Service; Washington Times
Mexico: Tourists can Explore Fabled Mayan Cities    Shape Magazine; Gazette Journal, Reno, NV
The Netherlands: Function Of Windmills Changing    Gannett News Service; Star, Peetskill, NY
Norway: Crusing Along the Fjord-filled Coast of Norway
- Part One  Part Two    International Travel News
Norway: Cargo Ship Offers Comforts for Cruising Norway's West Coast    Washington Times
Panama: Memories of a Cruise Through the Panama Canal   Creators Syndicate
Peru: On Course to Adventure - Delving into the Peruvian Rainforest    International Travel News
Peru: Switchbacking to Peru's lost city    Marin Independent Journal, Novato, CA, Whistles, Smoke & Steam
Southern Africa: Into the Wild of Southern Africa    Copley News Service, The State Journal - Register
Switzerland: Gourmet Food Abounds in Winter Capital    Gannett News Service; Journal News, Nyeck, NY
Switzerland: Renaissance City is in Beautiful Zone    Gannett News Service; News Press, Ft. Myers, FL
Zambia: An Adventure on the Zambezi    International Travel News
Zimbabwe: Saving the Black Rhino    Marin Independent Journal, Novato, CA

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