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Travel Journalist Patricia ArrigoniPatricia Arrigoni is the author of Making the Most of Marin, a guidebook on Marin County, California, which has had three editions and five printings. Her children's book, Harpo, the Baby Harp Seal, was on the cover of Publishers Weekly and received outstanding national reviews. Arrigoni also wrote a novel on which was based a two hour movie-of-the-week, Silent Predators, which was produced by Ted Turner and is now shown internationally. Most recently, she published The Marine Mammal Center: How It All Began, and Whistles, Smoke & Steam, a train travel adventure guide. In addition, Arrigoni is a well known travel writer and has published over 500 features in newspapers and magazines.

Arrigoni is currently syndicated with Creators Syndicate (2400 outlets worldwide) on a freelance basis and was previously affiliated with Gannett News Service and Copley News Service. In 2006, she produced a new 56 minute DVD titled "Old-Fashioned Fun on Route 66," combining original 8mm film taken in the 1940's with recent footage shot on the "Mother Road."

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